Rules of Use for The Fields at 17 Springs

  1. Spectators shall park in the designated parking area (overflow area if needed) and utilize the public entrance gate only. Vehicles shall not traverse and/ or park in other areas of the site;
  2. Spectators shall remain inside the fenced areas and not venture into areas outside of the fences;
  3. No gum, sunflower seeds, sticky candy or tobacco products shall be permitted on the synthetic field turf or court areas;
  4. No open flames, fireworks or any device that generates heat and could burn the surfaces will be permitted on the field turf or court areas;
  5. No dogs or pets are allowed at any time;
  6. No outside alcoholic beverages allowed;
  7. No spectators will be allowed onto the playing surface unless authorized by the Grandview YMCA staff. Players, coaches, officials and trainers shall be the only personnel permitted on the teams sideline;
  8. No climbing on fences and or netting;
  9. Any spectator that cannot follow these rules will be subject to removal and appropriate response by local law enforcement if needed;
  10. These rules are in effect when the public area of the complex is open for use. If the access gates are locked upon arrival, the facility is closed to the public;
  11. Use of the facility when locked will be deemed as trespassing and turned over to local law enforcement.
  12. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult;
  13. Parts of the facility may have limited access limited due to league play, tournaments, or other events;
  14. No private/professional lessons permitted without approval.
Multipurpose Fields
  1. Spectators shall only sit in designated places only. Spectator seating is considered part of the turf field;
  2. Spectators shall be seated no closer than 10’ from the edge of the sideline markings;
  3. Spectators should bring their own seats as there are no bleachers on site for spectators. Chairs, tents, and other items used for seating shall have flat bottom legs as to not penetrate through the synthetic field turf. No items with a spike or that can penetrate the turf shall be utilized on the field turf;
  4. Do not pour any liquids out on the turf field as concentrated amounts can remove infill from the turf field;
  5. No metal cleats, spikes, or plastic cleats longer than ¼” allowed on field turf;
  6. Painting, chalking, tape or otherwise altering the lines is prohibited.
Tennis/Pickleball Areas
  1. Court lights will be available for use from dusk to 9:00 PM. Lights are activated by push button;
  2. Courts are for Tennis, Pickleball, and Futsal use only;
  3. Tennis shoes shall only be used on court areas;
  4. No food or glass bottles are allowed on court areas;
  5. Limit court play to 1 hour if others are waiting;
  6. Do not remove any of the futsal goals, tennis nets, or pickleball nets without approval.

rev. June 2023