The Fields at 17 Springs

Once construction of Phase I is complete in the Fall of 2022, this complex will be home to “The Fields at 17 Springs” which will include four multipurpose turf fields, one grass field, 12 tennis courts, and 12 pickle ball courts. Slated to bid around the end of Phase I, Phase II will include another multipurpose turf field located inside a stadium/event venue, a competition track with field events, and six (6) diamond fields for softball and baseball use.

17 Springs Opens Tennis/ Pickleball Complex – Monday, April 10, 2023:

Monday, April 10, 2023, the Tennis/ Pickleball Complex at 17 Springs will be open for use from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, Sunday – Saturday.  Individuals can access parking for the complex by turning off Fieldhouse Way into the designated parking area and entering the complex through the gate at the entrance building.

This opening is not intended for leagues, lessons, or tournament use currently. The public should also be aware that the use of the facility by our local schools during the next few weeks will continue as the high school season comes to a close.  This may result in limited parking and times when the tennis courts are not available for general public use.

Questions related to this opening to the public should be sent to

February 2023 Update:

October 2022 Update:

August 2022 Update:

July 2022 Update:

17 Springs continues to generate interest as Phase I of the Fields at 17 Springs gets closer to completion. Recently, city, county, and YMCA representatives have been busy sharing details of the partnership project to YMCA CEO’s from Alabama and Mississippi as well as presenting the vision of the Marketplace at 17 Springs to the development community.

March 2022 Update:

The Fields at 17 Springs is progressing as scheduled. The first multipurpose turf field was completed and ready for use on March 7th. The remainder of Phase I, which includes three multipurpose turf fields, one grass field, 12 tennis courts, 12 pickle ball courts, and all associated buildings, is still on schedule to be completed by mid-October 2022.